Jim Knott was born in the East End in 1922, he was my Grandad. He loved to tell stories and I loved to listen to them. One day whilst chatting, a more sinister story emerged which fascinated me. I was surprised by how Grandad seemed unaffected by this story. He always talked of his happy childhood but some of his tales seemed to contradict this.
Jim’s East End is an exploration of a bygone era.
Combining moving image of Jim’s interviews with stills, both family owned and my own. The music is by Al Jolson who was one of Grandad’s favourites.

Bloody Blimey! It’s Mile 22 from Jessie Simmons on Vimeo.

An extract from Bloody Blimey: Jim Knott remembers The Docks

This is part of a series of interviews I conducted with my Grandad (Jim Knott). I’m making a short film from these interviews called Bloody Blimey (which was one of his favourite expressions).

This extract about The Docks is being used in a collaboration with John Simmons for:

All photographs used are my own or belong to the family. Apart from old Tower Bridge image from London’s Changing Riverscape p 18. Music by Al Jolson, April Showers.

Filmed and edited by me.

The Story Angels from Jessie Simmons on Vimeo.

A collaboration between the artist Anita Klein and writer John Simmons at The Story Museum in Oxford. Part of the exhibition Other Worlds.

Anita’s website:
John’s blog:

Filmed and edited by me:

Latitude from Jessie Simmons on Vimeo.

Messing around filming at Latitude Festival 2010.

Special Thanks to Vampire Weekend for the lovely tune.

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